Baby’s Health with Ayurveda

Mother Sparsh babys-health-with-ayurveda-mother-sparshBaby’s health is totally dependent on mother’s milk for initial six months. Therefore, both mother and baby need a proper care and protection from internal as well as external factors that cause infection and disease types. Ayurveda offers gentle and safe preventive measures for both mother and baby to keep her away from diseases these measures contain natural regime such as diet and lifestyle with inclusive of medicinal herbs and spices. These herbs are in practices since long back from centuries to treat various childhood disorders. In order to strengthen the baby’s immunity is precisely taken care with selecting safe and efficacious herbs.

In Ayurveda a long range of Ayurvedic herbs has been described for their health benefits in child care. These herbs exhibit anti-inflammatory & anti-allergic properties to survive against cold, flu, fever & cough, carminative properties to improve the digestion & help in relieving from colic pain, flatulence & gas, anti-oxidants to sooth mind & body rejuvenation. Other herbs also possess spasmodic properties to relieve from muscle pain associated with legs, back, arm & stomach. They also have been illustrated for skin care to prevent rashes & allergies. Most, importantly the preventive measures followed through Ayurvedic practices are safe, without adversities & side effects with enormous therapeutic benefits.

The traditional alternative medicine Ayurveda provides holistic solutions to take care baby health. Ayurveda constitutes the detailed theories & practices of childcare which is classified as ‘Kaumarbhritya’. An infant undergoes with rapid transformation surpassing various phases which indeed must be kept with most harmonious way maintaining her diet, sanitization, feedings, dentition, health and skin care. Nevertheless to its therapeutically benefits, Ayurveda also teaches us the spiritual significance to unify body, soul & mind. By, using the immense knowledge of Ayurveda, we have developed Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Care Products which are beneficial in overall development of baby and provide a proper care and protection from external as well as internal factors.

Ayurvedic Baby Care Products Key features

Baby Care Products Ayurvedic formulation Mother Sparsh

Ayurvedic formulation

Time Tested Potent & Validated Herbs Mother Sparsh

Time Tested Potent & Validated Herbs

Anti-irritant & Hypoallergenic Baby Care Products Mother Sparsh

Anti-irritant & Hypoallergenic

Parabens, Phthalates & Silicon free Baby Care Products Mother Sparsh

Parabens, Phthalates & Silicon free

Safe and Secure Baby Care Producrts Mother Sparsh

Safe and Secure

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